Rebel in progress

Almost done with Rebel.  Now it’s just finishing the legs and bed and going back with more detail.



This week I have started a sketch of my dog Rebel who recently passed.  She was a 16 year old Jack Russell Terrier. I will post the progress as I go but this is the first block in of her. Ive really never drawn a dog before so it will be a challenge and I know her personality so I am aiming to capture that.  I had done a painting along time ago of her when she was a puppy and the painting of her was in a show in Chicago. This time I want to do a detailed drawing.


Fun muscle head painting and a quick figure sketch

Two paintings I have done lately.  This was all in one day so I was having a really good painting day.  One is the muscle mask cast.  I wanted to do a cast painting except in my own style and this one has always been my favorite.  And the second, is a quick sketch of a former drawing I did.  I’ve been thinking next I will move back to color again, but have just been having so much fun with all the black and whites lately.