Cesar, 14 X 18″, Acrylic on panel



Nik Bhardwaj, 8 X 10”, Acrylic on Panel

Continuing on with the black and white collection. I have to say I miss color- but am having a lot of fun with these too.


Self Portrait Sketch, 14 X 18″, acrylic on board

Today I did a self portrait sketch in acrylic intending to go over it with oil.  But often times I stop because I like the sketchy-ness of a painting so I may have to step back and give the second layer some thought on this one.


Trader Series

This collection is one that I did when I was working for the New York Stock Exchange.  In being in that environment I felt the need to paint my surroundings so I painted the spirit of the traders which was really inspirational to be around.  One ended up being a commission and another was auctioned off at the NYSE auction benefiting charities such as Art Smart, Rosie’s Theater Kids, Inwood House and Members Handicapped Children’s Fund.  Sometimes in life you just go where the paint takes you.

“Trader 122″, oil on postcard, 5 X 7”

“Derivatives”, oil on board, 11 X 14