Grisaille of Eddie, 8.5 X 11, oil on panel

Here is a painting I did on Sunday using white(titanium and flake), ivory black and burnt umber on a burnt sienna background. Have a lot of projects going these days and this one will be another drawing as well once I finish the Jim.



Trader Series

This collection is one that I did when I was working for the New York Stock Exchange.  In being in that environment I felt the need to paint my surroundings so I painted the spirit of the traders which was really inspirational to be around.  One ended up being a commission and another was auctioned off at the NYSE auction benefiting charities such as Art Smart, Rosie’s Theater Kids, Inwood House and Members Handicapped Children’s Fund.  Sometimes in life you just go where the paint takes you.

“Trader 122″, oil on postcard, 5 X 7”

“Derivatives”, oil on board, 11 X 14

“Drawing of Wiafe”, 11 X 14, Graphite on paper

My drawing of Wiafe will be included in the upcoming International Manifest Drawing book as well as the North Light Book- Art Journey, People.  I’m so proud!  It can be purchased here once released. and the North Light Book on Amazon later in 2014.


Charcoal drawing

New charcoal drawing completed this weekend.  This time was a large one. I decided I wanted to try drawing on a much larger scale and broke out my charcoals again as opposed to my usual graphite.  Here are some pictures as well as the model standing beside it so that you can see the physical side by side size comparison of it.

Eddie, 24 X 36″, charcoal on paper 



“Wiafe Mensah-Bonsu”

This is a final painting done from the paint sketches or what we call “postcard sketches” that I do.  They are small 5 X 7’s.  And sometimes I just love the paint sketches so much because it’s so direct and expressionistic- of which I am a big fan of expressionism.  I found in doing this sketch that there were a lot of purples in Wiafes face, and translated them in the final as an undertone before I put the warmer oranges over.